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Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Weekend!

Hello Guys,

Hope your weekend was wonderful as mine, honestly, nothing can be better then a wonderful weekend where Everything goes well. Friday night, I have invited few people over for Saturday pool party, one friend came and my mother, my sister, her husband, my other brother and total of four nephews… It was great... we had Italian pasta, and cookies, lots of tangerine, drinks, just great beautiful day, and then I had a family event, was great.

On Saturday my sister’s best friend invited the entire family for a pool party and BBQ, this time my family member was almost in complete… My only sister, who is nine years younger then me with her husband and there three kids, my brother Menasha with his wife and two daughters, My brother Danny, his wife and his two kids, my other brother Avi, who is visiting us from Israel, he also have three wonderful children who are back home in Israel with his wife, of course my mother, my father, our friend Arie and Collette with their two beautiful little girls, the dog Vanilla, and Adam the son of my sisters friends… I felt like all this beauty belonged to me, I felt such a great abundance….

I kid you not, I tolled everyone, I am happy to share my abundance with you, you see all this beautiful threes, houses, sky, it’s all mine, and everyone were so much playful…. That is what I call a wonderful relaxing weekend….
That wasn’t over, I went on a date…. Let me take a brake, I will come back with the juicy details.....

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