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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mystical Hebrew Chant!

I really enjoyed Kirtan Rabbi: Mystical Hebrew Chant and I thought It is a great opportunity to share it here with you, being born Jewish,I was always drawn towards spirituality. And no matter what, I loved all human being unconditionally and never seen anyone being different.

To me we all are one, in different form and shapes... we all are beautiful souls and some lost souls, and that is unfortunate... that is why I have never understood the religion racism, as child I was always thinking, if you cut my skin and some other person, we both have the same blood color? aren't we.... and that is what helped me to except all as one, so being born as Jewish didn't make me see others different then me, we all are creation of the universe... and I have always enjoyed many fun Jewish holidays and traditions, and when I moved to Canada and now in the US, I have learned to enjoy many other different spirituality and other religious holidays... and at the same time being who I am, the Jewish Girl on the block!

Except that I was never comfortable with the idea of grow beards and for the woman to wear wigs as a thing for religion.... don't get me wrong, I am OK with it if it is not part of the religious rules, but when there too many unnecessarily rules, it makes it not so pleasant to my eyes or to my understandings... therefore I love the new idea from Kirtan Rabbi...

Enjoy It...

Kirtan Rabbi: Mystical Hebrew Chant (Rabbi Andrew Hahn Ph.D.) from Kirtan Rabbi on Vimeo.

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