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Saturday, June 27, 2009

EnterYourMind: We Are The World - Lyrics and video:

EnterYourMind: We Are The World - Lyrics and video:

Imagine - Lyrics and video

Remember this Lyric Imagine by John Lennon, he had the same massage as our beloved Michael Jackson, that is why we cannot ever forget them, since every time you hear or sing his Lyrics of peace and the world will live as one, you will agree that their message was really It's time to change, It's time to forgive...

Enjoy It...

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

We Are The World - Lyrics and video:

It was shocking, I still don't believe it, our beloved Michael Jackson, the king of pop is not dead, he is with us, and the world will never forget him.

If you really pay attention, you will agree with me that Michael Jackson believed in peace, worldwide peace, and he left when "Iran is fighting for Freedom", and "Israel for Peace"...

For the memory of our king of pop and all who support peace and love...
Lets all sing together....

Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced by Quincy Jones.

There comes a time
When we head a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it's time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all
We can't go on
Pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of
God's great big family
And the truth, you know love is all we need
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me
Send them your heart
So they'll know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me
When you're down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if you just believe
There's no way we can fall
Well, well, well, well, let us realize
That a change will only come
When we stand together as one
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me

Enjoy it oxox Doreen Cohanim C.Ht

Thursday, June 25, 2009

תפילה - Prayer

אלוהים היקר!

השנה תשלח בבקשה בגדים לכל אותן נשים מסכנות שבמחשב של אבא שלי....


Dear GOD,

This year, Please send lots of clothing to my dads friends from the computer.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes Being A Bitch Is...

Presently, one of my hypnotherapist business buddy associate made an unusual funny comment about me, of course as a compliment... being an active participant in some hypnosis related discussions here and their, got me this creative tile, B***...

And thanks to this comment, I was drown back to one of the greatest scene, I have watched in one of my favorites movies... therefore I wanted to share this clip with you, wondering what do you think of this statement or comment, when or if it was said to you...

Here is where the association came from; and this is based on my buddy associate comment; Hypnosis is an art. Some people, like Doreen, just have it. Bitch! Lol
(this really is just a joke. Pleased don't burn my house down).

Funny right? I like people who are honest and straight forward like my self... and I do take compliment like this one in a very positive way... wouldn't you?

Not to blow my whistles, but my middle Name is "B*** , lol...long story, It was adopted back in 1995, when I first saw the movie, "Dolores Claiborne".

Trust me, my middle name was born from this famous scenes that played in a great movie "Dolores Claiborne" - Sometimes Being A Bitch is All Women Has to Hang On To It.
That does not mean to be mean to people or guys, not at all, It means, I am more confidant to take care of my first, before anyone else...

Sometimes, you have to be a high riding bitch to survive... Isn't that statement true?

The Author Stephen King wrote the character of Dolores with Kathy Bates in mind.

A Great Movie to watch....

Enjoy It...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Letter to the World - English Version


NEDA-Innocent Girl Shot Dead by Basidg

We can not be quiet in the face of theranian.

We can not allow politicians to say "We should not Ignore". How many more Jews, gypsies, gays and others would have been slaughtered if America had not meddled in WWII.

Americans should be on the street protesting as surrogates for those that are being denied the right to speak out in Iran.

Below are a few emails to Iranian embassies around the world.
Email them and ask why the government of Iran is killing it's own people.
Ask why they are gunning down women and children who are their kinsman.

Do not let them get away with this!

If there are protests, candle light vigils etc. you should attend and show your support.

Did you know that actors were severely dealt with by the Nazi regime.

All theatres were closed and much worse.

Freedom of speech which is the the very core of who we are as human being.

And If you are actors, this is the first thing to be taken from you when despots take over....


Please pray for Neda's soul and many other innocent people like her.



Why I become a Hypnotherapist and an Energy Healer...

There is a lot to talk about, why, and when, and how… well many reasons…
First of all, It is part of my personality, what do I mean by that?

I love people unconditionally, I care for people, and I want to see everyone happy, I share their vision, pain, regrets, fear. I know it, because I was there…

Whether you are struggling, in pain, hurting or happy, you must remember one thing, one very important message… DON’T EVER GIVES UP HOPE!

Sounds easy and corny, Maybe…but what you got to lose?

Imagine your life without Hope.

Imagine your life without a Dream.

Imagine your life without Passion.

Imagine your life without Desire.

Imagine your life without Vision.

Imagine your life without Excitement.

Imagine your life with Love

It's all about being optimistic, that’s all it is to it.

Without all those GIFTS, you cannot heal; you cannot overcome pain, sadness, loss, poverty, illness, anger, sadness, and the list can go on and on…

This is the KEY you all need to keep you going, you didn’t just get all this feelings for nothing, you were born with it for a reason, so you can developed your hope, dreams, passion, desire, vision, excitement and love… and this is why I become a Healer, a recruiter, a researcher, writer, hypnotist, life coach and consultant.

As a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Life Coach and a Corporate Recruiter, I made a choice to make myself accessible to potential candidates via these self promoting tools. I know many shake their heads at that thought, however I have been surprised that more people have not taken advantage of having used the power of their own subconscious mind, the ultimate power to all human for the ultimate happiness…. Many close minded people haven’t taken that next step of self discovery…

Maybe because you are afraid of the unknown, maybe because you don’t know how to use your own powerful mind, or maybe you cannot think of the easiest way out, from your own self prison, YES, you don’t know that, but you can do it as easy as anyone else.

All you have to do is to ask, make plans, and think of the next level.
I would strongly encourage those who are in a life struggle, for whatever reason, whether if it’s a job search, achieving goal, career success, relationship, searching for your soul mate or just healing towards the ultimate happiness… to keep reading my blogs, it is refreshing, funny, sad, personal, and keeps you going…
I invite you to follow me, learn about me, and let my words of wisdom to help you in your healing journey…

Why I Become a Hypnotherapist and an Energy Healer? Because I care about you as much as I care about myself, because, If I am strong, I can heal, and when I am happy, I can project that into you, all you have to do is to follow me, Open your heart with me, and allow me to Recruit You – That is why, You Should Follow Me, Just Because I Said So…

There have been some good posts by me, and I am looking forward to seeing more of you utilizing these tools that I am going to share from time to time…. If you know of anyone who needs an unconditional Love, I would encourage you to reach out to them, and send them to my blog, I PROMISE to do my best in providing as much rewarding Information as I can…

I know many of you who are recruiters are out on Blogs and Twitter but not necessarily representing your personality, or your company and services, and this is a must, for others to know you and perhaps event to trust you…

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Life Coach and a Corporate Recruiter, I am serious about using EnterYourMind tools to recruit, and that is why I am here.

Feel free to visit my websites for any additional services I can provide.

Yours Respectfully, Doreen Cohanim MM, C.HT,