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Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Unleash" the Genius Within?

Do you want to know how you can "Unleash" the Genius within? It can be done! Yes, I’m telling you that YOU can be the smartest person in the room, the life of the party, engaging, compelling, intriguing, convincing, and completely entertaining.
The best News Anchors, or Talk-Show Hosts, seem to be some of the smartest people on the planet. They can talk about any subject instantly and easily. Because they have an army of researchers backing them up and providing “cheat sheets” on everything they need to know BUT-
There’s another way- and you can finally get it!
 (yes- I am letting the “dog out”!)
Our friend, Dr Franz Anton Mesmer (you’ve probably heard about him a lot…) has put together an incredible set of “fast-track-solutions” to give you every single shortcut that only a select few have even known about it.
Dr Franz Anton Mesmer was the “Teacher’s Teacher” A German physician whose system of therapeutics, known as mesmerism, was the forerunner of the modern practice of hypnotism in the fields of “Brain Hacks” and knows every tip, trick, and shortcut that allows YOU to take your thinking- even your subconscious thinking – to an entirely new level.
But what’s a “Brain Hack?” And Why do YOU WANT IT?!
A “Brain Hack” is Hypnosis 🙊tested and proven way to MAKE you achieve amazing things – even if you think you only have an average IQ! This is science making your life easier. Tips and techniques that you can use to your advantage!
Dr Franz Anton Mesmer has been interviewed by some of the most famous industrial psychologists in the world- because many had COPIED his modalities and we've been able to do for for our clients what he did for his clients. He’s been hired by industry leaders because his “hacks” gives them an unfair advantage over the competition. He’s even consulted to university educators give them his “tricks of the trade!”
>>If you want to learn more about these "brain hacks" you can contact me for one in one sessions at
So – do yourself a favor- and come take a look at the very special, informative website I've created to help you learn more about hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy- it's a great opportunity to learn more about me and my mission, since I've been able to put together a great tactic to guarantee my clients success that it’s worth your time. It’ll change your life- almost overnight! It only takes one session to jump start you into unleashing the Genius within. Until then go visit my website, and enjoy my articles that can help you with many great insights.

NEW "HypnoBand "Virtual Weight Loss and Wealth" One on One Session / Training

Hi there! Happy Thursday! 
I just wanted to quickly remind you that I'll be doing my brand NEW "HypnoBand "Virtual Weight Loss and Wealth" One on One Session / Training again for an amazing discounted rate.
If achieving financial abundance is something you've been striving for and it has been eluding you, then chances are you're just missing one (or two) of the steps in the Mind Body Connection Knowledge (that's all). Find out how to unleash your power :)
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Here's a clue at what you'll learn:
- The #1 Understand why you are eating and eating for survival.
- The #2 you will learn critical thinking, which you must do FIRST in order to manifest financial abundance into your life — and it’s the one thing most people DON’T do!
- The #3 How to uncover and eliminate your money “blocks” that have been sabotaging your wealth and success and activating it with the power of hypnosis and energy healing.
- The "behind the curtains" look at exactly how I went from being over $100,000 in debt to making much much more... (and how anyone can replicate this unique method)
- The easiest and fastest way to overcome procrastination, do more in less time and achieve the healthy look and the financial success and life you love and deserve
- The last formula which I love the best to manifesting money fast in 2017
...and lots more!
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Do everything you can to clear your schedule and make time to invest in yourself. Scheduling this training is what you have been waiting for! And the good news is, You're going to LOVE this one!
See you at our sessions, one on one via face to face and if you are too far away., don't worry, via Skype!
Sending you lots of love and light,
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Read & Recycler

Dear Friends, Family, Clients, and Colleagues, I ask that you please take one minute out of your day and like my niece's page. She started an organization to collect books for children in need. She's asking for everyone to kindly donate their books and help the kids in the community who are less fortunate. We should all open our hearts and be more willing to give than to get. It would mean so much to me and to her if you could also go through your belongings and gather books you don't use anymore to help the children around you. Thank you so much for your time.

This organization is in honor of an amazing woman named Nancy Carpenter. Please help Ashley Okhovat keep her legacy alive and donate books to read for a child in need!.

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