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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Hypnotic Millionaire Mindset Method

by Doreen Cohanim (Author) I have written this book to act as a personal guide that is designed to help people who are struggling with various life challenges. We all want certain things out of life, whether it is the perfect job, a loving relationship, that certain promotion or a new car. You want it badly but it seems impossibly, frustratingly beyond your reach. We all know people who seem to glide through life, seemingly getting what they want without any little trouble, while the rest of us struggle on. That doesn't mean to say they do not have the same worries or are any better than the rest of us. I have been up and down throe out my adulthood, until I finally discovered the real formula to success and happiness. Using the principles in this book, I've been able to educate others that they can too be happy and successful, either with wealth, health and well-being, or all of the above plus perhaps even being a millionaire. My goal is to continue touching many more lives by activating the inner gift to the ultimate happiness. This book is available on Amazon and also offer marketing tips, SEO, and much more...