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Monday, June 15, 2009

WHAT, It is up to Iranians to make a decision who Iran's leaders will be?

I am listening to our president Obama, and I am in shuck, to what he says.. He says "It is up to Iranians to make a decision who Iran's leaders will be?" Dah.. They have chose the leader, only that "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" winnings is a total fraud, If not, why "The Iranian people are killed by trying to have their voices heard"???

And our president seats their smooth talking our nation, how more blind can people be?
Ahmadinejad used people from the middle east as his army to kill innocent Iranian, when will Obama say enough? I don't think he will...

I cannot beleive this man is our leader, sorry I am sure people cannot see what I see, but I thought he will be awesome, only now that I follow the news, I sad to know I was wrong to trust him...

Mom Gives Birth in Her Pants

by Sandy Maple Jun 10th 2009 2:00PM

We've all heard stories of incredibly quick births that happen in the most unexpected places. Sometimes these impatient babies make their grand entrances while mom is at home, in a taxi cab, a parking lot or even the front yard. As incredible as those stories are, a woman in UK has them beat. Her daughter came into the world not just at home, but via the leg of her pants while she was still standing!

23-year-old Katherine Allen isn't exactly new at this baby birthing business. Already the mother of two sons, she felt pretty confident that she knew what she was doing when she went into labor on May 9. When her contractions first began, she called the hospital and was told to wait until they were seven and a half minutes apart before coming in. Considering the fact that her two previous labors had lasted up to twelve hours, this seemed reasonable to her.

I guess it didn't seem so reasonable to her soon-to-be-born daughter, who decided that right this very minute worked better for her. "I got to the bottom of the stairs and I just felt this massive urge to push when all of a sudden my waters broke all over the hallway carpet," says Allen.

In an instant, her partner, Alan Moore, reacted to what appeared to be lump traveling down the leg of Katherine's gray sweat pants. "I was watching Katherine about to start climbing the stairs when all of a sudden she started screaming saying the baby was coming. I couldn't believe my eyes when it appeared and rolled down her leg -- I was just thinking I can't let it hit the floor and dived to catch it."

He sprang into action and scooped up 8 pound, 5 ounce Hannah just as she slid out of the bottom of Katherine's pants. Umbilical cord still attached and running up her leg, a shocked Katherine sat patiently on the stairs holding her new daughter until an ambulance arrived.

While dad cut the umbilical cord, paramedics and a midwife checked out mom and baby and found them both to be perfectly healthy. They didn't even have to go to the hospital!

Dad, of course, is thrilled about his experience assisting in the birth of his daughter. '"I feel like I have done more in a few hours with my daughter than some dads manage in the first few months -- it's exhausting but fantastic."

As for mom, she thinks gravity just might be the secret to easy childbirth. "My other births definitely weren't this easy and I will always recommend standing up to do it in future," she says.

Well this is first I have heard, and it is great :)
Hope you guys like this article...



I am not much into politics, but this is really getting out of hand, this is a shame, to see people seeking for freedom and being attacked…
Prohibiting people from thinking with Logic, and instead listening to a materialistic crazy leader without an education or knowledge oo all human rights.

I am following the news and I am saddened, with this outrages crazy leaders who control people with their sickness, Can you Imagine living anywhere in the world and never having the right to live the way you should live.

Is this really fair?

Where is Justice?

What happened to wanting PEACE, what happened to helping each other, respecting each other and unconditional love?

This is really embarrassing by our President’s hush in the face of dictatorial election rubbing from a people wanting more freedoms. This is what I am talking about; our President’s has to stop favoring to strict UN human roles.

We as American should stand for what America has always stood for “FREEDOM".

I am asking you people, Is this really fair?

Don’t you think that the Iranian people have as much right to freedom as we do?
Don’t you think we have an obligation to speak up for those poor souls if nothing else?

So if our President Obama was successful in winning the hearts of so many can he now win the respect of those around the world who are being under enemy control?

Until when, should people leave in fear? When would it stop?

How far would it go?

Look how disturbing it is, is that how people owed to live the rest of their life, in fear?