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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember Your Dreams and Heal at the Same Time

Written by Doreen Cohanim C.Ht

We all dream, some remember their dreams and some don’t, our dreams have many levels of meanings.
Our dreams can come in colors, shapes, object, human, animals, ghost, angels, spirits, ideas, smells, tastes and situations, also each dream have many meanings.

When you learn how to explore your dream, you must also examine it from different perspective, take your time, put it in writing, and be patient, when you do that, you will notice that the meaning will come out of no where and will reveal the message.

Nothing is about right or wrong answers, It's all about exploring and playing with the symbols, using our own creativity, imagination, and readiness to study the messages that can help and lead us into self discovery and healings.

Dreams can be vague, therefore you need to be wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat while you investigate the meanings, no reason to chase it, since the more you chase it, the harder you'll get it, so all you have to do is to remain patient...

Use Affirmation, It's like planting the seed before bed time…

I am going to dream.

I remember my dreams with an ease.

I always remember my dreams.

I enjoy remembering my dreams with an ease.

I am inviting my dreams to heal me…

Make sure to be positive while using these affirmations.

You can also write down what's on your mind for that day, also ask for a guide.
Write down what dreams you would like to dream about and don't hesitate to be specific…

When you are aware of your dreams, make sure to write it down… even If you find yourself waking up from your dream, any time even if it is in the middle of the night or in the early morning.

Before you get out of your bed in the morning, lie still and close your eyes with a deep slow breaths, and allow yourself to travel into your mind towards the
memory of your dream.

Allow the symbols or your memory comes back to you. REMEMBER To BE PATIENT.

Write everything down in your notebook… and let it come up when it's time.

Trust your memory.

Always keep a paper and a pencil/pen next to your bed, also have a little light or a flashlight next to your bed, or if it is easier, feel free to use a tape-recorder.

What to write down or to record;

Just write down about anything you can remember from your dream.
All details are Important from your dream, make sure you write it all down.

Make sure you write down your feelings, sad, happy, angry, etc…

Is your dream related to some event that did happened to you?

Did you felt as you have been their before?

One Important fact while taking notes from your dreams, Stop all worries about your grammar, spelling, or If It makes sense or not…jus write it all down...

Ok, Now Start With Your Dream Journal.
Make sure you write down your dreams, if you want you can date it for your record…
While doing your dream journal, you will notice that your dreams will have an explanation as it will come spontaneously, like a pop message into your mind.

Remember to write down your dreams ASAP.
The more detail you write down, the faster you heal…


Write down your thoughts and feelings.
Where were you in your dream?
Was it a wishful dream or a fantasy, or a horror?
Any clues and ideas might be a clue to your self discovery and healing process.
Also daydreaming and fantasizing during the day, conceder as a dream, so feel free to treat it same as a dream and write it all down.

Please feel free to join my step by step instruction, make sure you follow me on my blogger and don't forget to post your experience and comments for follow ups...

PS: this is my copy right, no one is allowed to post it or to use it for personal use without my approval.

©Copyright 2009 All Right Reserved… Doreen Cohanim C.Ht