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Friday, July 24, 2009

סיפור גדול - A Matter of Size

Tell me this is not something you would like to watch?

קדימון לסרט הקומדיה הישראלי

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Market yourself Part B

Now wee want to go one step up to part B, here I will show you how to finf related Blogs.

Would you agree that the other good way to find a good blogger is to use a blog finder tools. These tools typically search using keyword values to find related blogs.
Here are a few of these tools:

Nice and easy, Isn’t it? Now, lets say I want to promote my hypnosis product in a subtle way. A search on Technorati for ‘Fitness brought up these results:

As you can see for yourself not all of the fitness bloggers are entirely what you are after or relevant to your niche, and there’s for sure a few bloggers there that I can comment on to receive my targeted traffic to my fitness product.

Another great idea is to contact these bloggers to do joint venture affiliate deals or place banner ads on their site, I haven’t found the one who are ready for it, but It is a great Idea, and so far I did link exchange, and It’s great as well.

I Know You Are Asking Yourself Over and Over again, OK, How Do I Start Getting Traffic From Blog Commenting?

First, you’ll need to download an RSS reader. These will allow you to add RSS feeds from the blogs on your shortlist so you can receive updates from them.
The RSS feeder I use is blogger at It’s free to download. Another one is Google Reader at
Now you’ll want to add the RSS feeds from the list of blogs you have compiled. Visit all the blogs and add their RSS feed to your blog reader. You’ll be notified by your RSS reader whenever a new post is uploaded to those blogs.

The only reason you want to do is simply that you’ll get the first notice of when a new blog post is made, so you can quickly post a comment there. This ensures you’ll be one of the first few to post comments, and those are the ones that usually grab the most gazed at and get the most traffic.

Now writing blog is easy, but you want to appear unique with your Information, so you can create value In attracting more people o your blog commenting!

A great blog means exposure to receive a ton of traffic. So make sure to use creativity and talent to add something precious to your comment. Be the owner, the author expert in your market by engaging in the conversation of your blogger.

Let me know If you like what I am teaching you here, remember your comment is good for both of us, looking forward to bring more rewording messages.

How to Market yourself Into Getting More Visitors...

Ok, this is how It works, the fastest and easy way to get free traffic is having others commenting to your Information through your Bloger.

It only takes a few minutes of your time per day to post a Bolger that others would love reading it, as well as commenting to attract a high-traffic Bloger.

Your blogger will eventually attract a high drive of visitors to your daily.

Make sure to be creative and flexible so you can attract all type of people to comment on your blogs, and when I say creative, I mean be yourself, have fun with your blogger, trust me it’s a great way to drive traffic for your business!

When I point out about commenting on your blogger, I don’t suggest spamming or adding a one-liners or promotional messages. I am suggesting to post quality content and information that will benefit others not just yourself, and from my experience, this will be one of the best way to get a targeted traffic to your blogger.

Rule number one is to remember that people are reading your posts and these days many bloggers have comment moderation enabled, do you know what that means? Well, that means your comment won’t be approved until the original owner approves it.

So if your comment is not appropriate or your intention is spamming, think again, your post won’t be visual or public to others!

So make sure your post is an appropriate with good content to make the most of your intention.

Enough said, now lets start with first step to your blogger traffic, the creative technique, and it is simple, that means to find bloggers that receive good traffic in your function:

Search Engines

Make sure to comment on a blogs that receive a lot of traffic that have a good search engine rankings.

This is what you do, go to your Google or Yahoo search and do like this; “your function + blogger” and explore those bloggers in the top 15th listings. If they appear suited to your market niche, start making a note of them.

Lets say, here are some of the results I turned up when I typed in “First Fitness + blog” on Google:
If you’re in the Fitness niche, some of these bloggers may be good places to post your comments.

Part B coming soon....