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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dare to Brake Free!

I have been emailing my group to get them ready and committed for the change they all need...

Why Dare to Brake Free, you ask?

Because everybody who says they want to change, still seat on their behind and complain.... really, I don't have this, and I cannot afford it, It's too far, It's too late, It's too early... All I hear is excuses ... excuses... can you tell me how would anyone be successful if all they do is complaining, nagging, crating, blaming and in the end doing nothing about it?

Few weeks ago I had an event, I asked participants to pay something like $5.00 donation, why, one for the appreciation of my time and for them to appreciate what they were getting for.

So I get an email from one member who says, wow, that's great,I wish I could come, I really have no money and I am looking for a job... so here I am, being understanding, I say, no problem, just arrive and don't worry for paying the $5.00.

I receive another email, I am sorry but I have a bike and it is too dark for me to drive, so I offered to pick that person up, since it was one block away from my event.

Then, I get a call, I have an interview, would you stop the event in an hour later and take me back home, so i can drive my bike to the Interview at 7PM?

And I am scratching my head, and all I can come up with is WOW....

I tell her, well If your interview is at 7:00 PM, I wish you the best of luck, but if you arrive to my event and go to the interview leaving early, most likely you'll learn allot of tools to help you attract a better work...

Giving her some tips and telling her that it is up to her to take action and make things happen to her, not me, and before I knew it, I was attacked that I don't know her and I have no right to judge her, and I am puzzled, scratching my head again and saying, OK let it go, it is crystal clear that this person is not ready for a change, I did everything I could to make it happen for her, but she was still looking for excuses and everyone to blame.....

That was only one of them, then I get an email from another young lady, same story, I don't have money, bla bla bla... and here she came, since she was the only one, I gave her a one on one hypnotherapy session, she was very happy and excited, but then she emails me and invites me to go to other events she goes and she does pay for it, and I am thinking, you kid me not....

You come to my event, ask for understanding, get a wonderful free session, ask me to attend for more sessions for free, but have enough money to pay $15.00 and $40.00 for each meetup events that are not as rewarding as mine...

So, No more Miss Nice and Freebies upon request... If anything is FREE, It;s because I want to give and share, not because people are good in acting...

My Philosophy is, Either you invest in yourself or you don't, it's all up to you....

I am OK, and I did what is best for me and I still do.... So that is what I am doing, emailing my group members and asking them to join me on the next Dare to Brake Free! This event is all about Forgiveness Celebrating the breakthrough for Abundance on May 1st, 7:00 p.m. at Tarzana, California.

I do have a spacial discounted rate: and just seven more days to register for the early bird discount until April 27th, 2009.

Have you been asking yourself IF you can make it? Well, it's time to make a commitment and start asking yourself HOW you'll make it.

In Honor of Dare to Brake Free to Attract the Ultimate Abundance!

For more information check our calendar event here;

Trust me, It will be very rewarding, as you release some emotional baggage.

Please feel free to invite your friends and spread the word out….

Looking forward to this event…… and who knows who is ready and who is not?

Doreen Cohanim C.Ht

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