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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Better Friend Recipe!


1 full-rounded tbls. of none judgment feelings..
1 heaping tsp. compassion
1/2 cup of good understanding..
1and a 1/2 of cup of support.
1 glass of smooth unconditional love
Unlimited positive healing energy
Lots of imagination, visualization

Combine the ingredients one after another, while mixing dentally, and after 15 minutes, add, hope, day dreaming, creativity, and now let it stand by the over for a period of time, until all ingredient are event...

start shaping and forming the cookies as you ready, add colors, shapes, laughter, smiles, happiness, joy, intelligence, patience, empathy, passion, desire, and UNCONDITIONAL love all the way.... now.. that it loos so it in the oven of PASSION and let it cook for 30 minutes... as you close your eyes.. smell the aroma, allow your mouth to drool over the idea of the ultimate happiness...

Now that it is ready, take your loving energy and serve with much passion and generosity the portion if this wonderful recipe with everyone else as it will continue to manifest and attract the right friendship into your life..

"Bona Petite", make sure you serve it daily....

Love Doreen Cohanim C.Ht

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