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Friday, June 5, 2009

Why do people betray each other?

How did it feel?

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, this is something I have been thinking about lately, why do people betray each other? Why do they choose to rather take the sinners negative side of the road? This is a big puzzle to me…

I see people around me who have been give opportunities with full trust, and instead they have their deceitful mission to be on top of things?

How far can this people go?

Does it worth it?

So, do you find yourself asking exactly what I am curious about; why do people do this.

Let me tell you why? Well, people do this, because they simply can… or because they don’t have a healthy life style, they do it, because they want to see how far they can go, and yes, event because of Insecurity and lack of self esteem for being ashamed of whom they are in the real world,

In a Nut shell, people who have serious Issues...

The dynamic of betrayal, is self betrayal, a self poisoning, exactly like the virus that creates the disease of centered…

Well this is what I lately see around me, and those are exactly the type of people that I am going to have my radar on, meaning I will not follow, if it is deceitful it is a disease…

Now, I know it is like that in our entire universe, but my thoughts bring me to another question?

Is it like that in the entertainment industry?

Would love to hear from you and your personal experiences…

Good Night….


  1. people betray you because for some reason they feel that is how they can make themselves better than you , if they leave / betray you instead of you being the one to do so to them . . .
    jealousy is one of the most common reasons for betrayal that i have run into . . more often than not someone betrays you because you have something that they feel they either can never have , or just not have at that moment . .

  2. Great answer, and believe it or not, it's going to happen, until they'll learn how to over come their jealousy...
    Thanks for sharing.