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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Do People Cut Themselves?

I have worked with cases like that with a great success, Cutting is usually associated with negative behavior, such as sadness, low self esteem, guilt, fear, obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors, lack of confidence, eating disorders, bipolar and depression, It can also be related to a mental health problems.
Usually but not in all cases, people who cut themselves, are likely to be the one who have been dealing with drugs or alcohol abuse.

The pain is a reminder, from the sense of denial or numbness as a result of traumatic events, by cutting themselves, they are punishing their body for not being able to protect, from the abuse, the violence or what ever the case may be. It may sound strange, but it is like a rebirth of the painful events, except that idea, that I can fight back, by cutting my own skin, the skin that was not able to protect my well being…. and by experiencing the pain, they are expressing their anger over that specific incidents, For that specific person, the meaning is different, It means, I get to be in control.

The beauty of being a hypnotherapist is when I can bond with my clients, in understanding their personal needs, so I can deliver the perfect self-tool solution, to bring much more happiness into their existence.

No, I am not a Psychologist or a Psychotherapist, but I always work with MD’s, Psychologist or Psychiatrist referral, so they can guide me with the correct hypnotic suggestions... “Cutting is self injury”, and people cut themselves for varies reasons. It is a psychological way of coping with pain as a result of a strong emotions... the reason they are doing it, is because they don't believe they can cope with it in any other way, and the good news, With Hypnotherapy, these beautiful Angeles, can cope with it allot better and faster.
Of course, that self-injure sometimes have other mental health issues that contribute to their emotional tensions, and that is why a good Hypnotherapist, must have a doctor referral, so together they can communicate in a better and more affective way with helping to get rid of this unattractive behavior as well as habit.
If you are a Hypnotherapist, First session, it is crucial to build a rapport, then guide with relaxation, self-esteem and confidence boosting.

Thinks that are must when working with such clients:
1. Build rapport, food and daily habits and or routine.
2. Family History.
3. List of Medication and drug or alcohol use.
4. Make sure to have parents consent, (if children are involved in this act)
2. Build trust, since without trust, the client wont open up.
3. All parties involved must sign all agreement.
4. Must have Doctors referral and involvement.

First session, learn about the person, the boy or the girl, have them all sign the papers, and let client know, that you cannot see them next time, unless you have a doctor referral… also very important to let them know, that they will need at list 6 sessions commitment, and then you can review the progress and see if more sessions are recommended or not.

Never take client off any medication, unless you are trained to do so.
Feel free to email me from group sessions, therapy or just to ask questions.

Respectfully, Doreen Cohanim

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