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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last Year around December 2008, I received an email from Nand Kumar Menon, closely associated with International Association of Reiki Professionals and a Member of International Hypnosis Association.
Any ways, It was so beautiful, that I immediately emailed him back and asked if It was OK for me to post it on my Secret Power of My Inner Child Group...II ask Nand Kumar Menon to post it.
And this is what he wrote back: You may post anything anywhere, which comes to you from me. Your inspiration pays me back.... You need not to take permission from me for anything. With smiles :-)

Have a good day//Nand

The practice of the inner smile I share below is from Nand Kumar Menon, to release tension and promote ease and well being in your body.


Sit comfortably – ultimately; you can practice the inner smile anywhere, in any position.
Allow a smile to dance into your eyes. If you like, raise the corners of your mouth ever so slightly, like someone who knows a really cool secret but doesn't need to tell.

Smile into any part of your body that feels tight, or
Uncomfortable, until it begins to ease or relax.
Smile into any part of your body that feels especially good. You can increase the smile by expressing gratitude to that part of your body for helping to keep you healthy and strong.

Allow the inner smile to reach every corner of your body.

Here are some specific suggestions:
a) Smile into the organs of your body – your heart, liver, pancreas,
kidney, sex and adrenal glands. If you don't know where these organs are,
it's OK to pretend – your body will redirect the energy for you.

b) Smile down through your esophagus and into your stomach. Smile all the way through your large and small intestines and out of your bottom. (If anyone can think of a more delicate way to put that, answers on a postcard, please!)

c) Smile up into your brain, then down through the base of your skull and all the way down to the bottom of your spine.

You can smile into your life as well as your body. Try smiling and expressing gratitude into a relationship, an environment or a project you are currently working on, and notice how the energy around that situation
begins to shift!

Wishing you all a nice and successful week ahead...
With love and warm regards from Nand and from me Doreen Cohanim C.Ht

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