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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Have Your Own Personally Branded Video Channel Vs YouTube?

Being in the business that I absolutely love, which is helping people, I constantly in search for better ways to help people around the world. I come a cross of an article, in the NY Times, it was about a small business owner- Ed Davis. From my understanding Ed Davis wanted to change the direction in his California based manufacturing company, Ceilume was heading. Basically his plan was to begin selling directly to consumers. Since his ultimate goal was to change how people think, especially when it came to his ceiling tiles. He also wanted to show how the vinyl ones were much different.

So how do you go about changing a market’s perception ?

And this is how he he started delivering the massage, he decided to give online video a chance, and his company began producing videos. And as you know, the best place to post your videos until this day is on YouTube – and from then it turned into a very low cost form of advertising.

And ever since Online video has become the number one option for many businesses around the world.

So what is the next step in the evolution of low cost, online advertising?

Talking from my own personal experience, I have come to realize that, YouTube is great, but it is not the best place to put your videos. Think about it, how many time did go there to look at a video, and was distracted by other peoples video? I am talking the kind of distraction from your competitors!

For example: I went to check on a video on YouTube about an expert speaker, but my attention was directed to another video, and before I have realized I have lots all interest checking out that specific speaker, sounds familiar?

Not only that, every time you post your videos on YouTube, they are no longer yours? That’s right, They become the property of YouTube and they can put them wherever they want to...

So, if it isn’t YouTube, what else is there?

OK, one thing for sure is having your own personal “video channel” that is all yours. And when people come looking for them and land on your videos- that is all there, no distractions, no advertising, except what you have to offer, such as your video content on your own video channel.

Please click the link below to view the My Video Talk Overview Presentation:

Contact us to learn more about how simple it is to set up your own, personally branded video channel.

Doreen Cohanim C.Ht, MM

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