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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Distance Energy Healing

Free Unity Distance Healing!
The Cohanim - Melchizedek - Reiki Natural Energy Healer.


To my Free Worldwide Universal Community Service.
Harmonized and Warranted to promote your
Healing, Peace and Tranquility.

Reading this page is the new beginning of your hope, dreams and wishes.

Reading word by word ...
Has secured your on-going wellbeing and Love.
I am a born Energy Healer who developed my ability of Natural Healing combined with Melchizedek and Reiki.

My life been phased through higher levels of acceleration of healing
during my 46 years.

In Unity of This Universal healing process, I Doreen Cohanim MM, C.Ht, would like to offer a small and wonderfully rewarding part of giving.

Granted in support of my mission to help as many as possible in the time remaining to me.

This page is a complex and powerful beyond your understanding
in a way it ensures highest quality and prayer to help those in need.
Within the hands of The Energy Natural Born Healer.

You are enfolded by the wondrous, generous compassion and beauty, of the Universal Healing Love.

Free Distance Energy Healing

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