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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom is confirmed pregnant with 12 babies.

A schoolteacher from the town of Gafsa, Tunisia conceived with Twelve babies babies six boys and sic girls through fertility treatments.

So my first thought is, Is their ant risk for the mother and her twelve babies.
Would she be allowed or even able to carry to full term?
Is it possible to carry all twelve babies in a natural birth, since it is the mothers wish?
Will her town laws allow her to give birth naturally?
If not, how would she be advised to have the baby's, c-section?
What are the odds of natural child birth to even take place?
Would she agree to the doctors offer of “selective reduction,” to allows doctors to terminate several of the fetuses in order to help the chances of safe delivery and the survival of the one which will not be terminated?
If it was you, what would you do, If you were her?

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